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GreenPower Motor Company Wins “Innovative Solutions” Award from Metro Magazine in Recognition of Work with Perrone Robotics & Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Metro Magazine’s Innovative Solutions Award honors the bus companies working to create impactful solutions and innovations in the transportation world. GreenPower worked with Perrone Robotics to develop the first autonomous, purpose-built, medium-duty shuttle: the AV Star. This first-of-its-kind vehicle was delivered to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in December 2020.

The AV Star is considered to be the nation’s first autonomous, full-size, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) compliant, class 4 vehicle capable of highway speeds. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is deploying the vehicle as part of a robust, innovative program to develop the first autonomous public transportation network and expand the existing Skyway system into a 10-mile network that connects Downtown Jacksonville to nearby urban core neighborhoods.

Everyone from all sides of this project are thrilled beyond measure to see this vision come to fruition and yet humbled to be recognized by Metro Magazine for their collaborative contribution to innovation in the transportation industry.

“The AV Star demonstrates the compelling marriage of advanced technologies with GreenPower, Perrone, and Jacksonville Transportation Authority,” said GreenPower President Brendan Riley, “GreenPower’s AV Star opens the door to other automated applications such as delivery services, passenger transportation, and ride sharing. We see tremendous opportunities across various markets with the honor of winning this award.”