Gameday Xpress

Due to COVID-19 and the reduced capacity for attendance at Jacksonville Jaguars games, Gameday Xpress service will be suspended for the 2020 season. For additional parking options, please visit the Jaguars website or call (904) 633-6100.

Your Direct Connection

Love the games but hate the traffic? Ride with us! The Gameday Xpress lets you park in one of our secure lots and ride to the game in comfort and convenience.

  • All fare prices are round-trip, per person (all ages) and parking is included.
  • Ride in comfort — all vehicles (except school buses) are air-conditioned.
  • All Gameday Xpress vehicles are wheelchair accessible. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to park at the Convention Center lot, where JTA Paratransit vans are available.
  • For all Jacksonville Jaguars games, the Gameday Xpress operates two hours before kickoff and one hour after the end of the game.
  • For college games, the Gameday Xpress operates three hours before kickoff and one hour after the end of the game.
  • Continuous service during the game is available at the Convention Center lot only.
  • See our FAQ section below for more information. 
Save money!
  • Buy a Season Pass — Gameday Xpress season pass holders receive savings of up to 20% off the cost of buying individual game passes.
  • Discounts with the MyJTA app — Discounts are offered when you purchase passes through the MyJTA app.

If ordering online, please allow up to five (5) days to receive your Gameday Xpress pass.
If your game is within the next five (5) days, please purchase your pass using the MyJTA app.

Lot Locations & Costs

Find a Gameday Xpress lot near you. Not sure which one? View a map of all Gameday Xpress downtown and suburban lot locations.

Downtown Lots

  • Convention Center Lot: 1005 W. Forsyth St.
  • Kings Avenue Parking Garage: 1003 Kings Avenue
Single-game Pass:
  • $8 with MyJTA app
  • $9 without app
Season Pass:
  • $55 with MyJTA app
  • $60 without app 

Suburban Lots

  • Beaches Lot (not available during NFL pre-season games): Wingate Park, 277 Penman Road S., Jacksonville Beach 
  • Southside/JTB Park-n-Ride: 7020 Philips Highway (at J. Turner Butler Blvd)
  • Northside/Armsdale Park-n-Ride: 3191 Armsdale Road
Single-game Pass:
  • $13 with MyJTA app
  • $14 without app
Season Pass:
  • $90 with MyJTA app
  • $100 without app

How to Purchase

You have three options for purchasing your Gameday Xpress pass.

MyJTA app

Receive a discount on your passes when you purchase through the MyJTA app. Download the free app and enjoy the convenience of purchasing your passes all the way up to game day!

Online Store

Visit the Gameday Xpress pass website to purchase your ticket online. Note that Gameday Xpress pass purchases are not available though the website within five (5) days of the game date, but purchase is available up to the day of the game using the MyJTA app above.

Gameday Xpress Lots

Tickets are available for purchase on game day at all Gameday Xpress locations. Cash, credit and debit are accepted for payment.

Stadium Drop-off & Pick-up Locations

From Convention Center Lot

Gameday Xpress riders using the Convention Center lot will be dropped off and picked up from the ramp area located at the north end of the stadium. This area is located on the stadium property between Gates 2 and 3.

From All Other Lots

All other Gameday Xpress riders will be dropped off at Stadium Lot B. This lot is located east of the stadium, across Haines Street between Gates 3 and 4. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring food or drinks on board?

A: Yes, but please be respectful of other passengers. We ask that you not consume food or drinks on board or leave trash as you exit.

Q: Can I bring my cooler or other small items on board?

A: Yes. Coolers and small items like foldable chairs are allowed on board as long as they do not impede the aisles or take up too much space. 

Q: Can I bring my purse, umbrella or other large bags or totes?

A: Yes. Those items are fine, but discouraged. The NFL has a strict Clear Bag Policy and a list of prohibited items you can't bring with you into TIAA Bank Field. You cannot store or leave those items on the Gameday Xpress shuttle. 

Q: How do I know what I can and cannot bring into TIAA Bank Field? 

A: The NFL has a strict Clear Bag Policy and a list of prohibited items for TIAA Bank Field. That list prohibits items like seat cushions, umbrellas, large electronics or recording devices and infant carriers or strollers. Fans are encouraged to adhere to these restrictions when boarding the Gameday Xpress, since you cannot leave those items on board. 

Q: What happens if I accidentally leave something on board?

A: Please notify the nearest JTA official as soon as possible. You may also contact customer service at (904) 630-3100. JTA is not responsible for any unattended, lost or stolen items but will make every attempt to locate your belongings. When you board, please make note of the bus number and which lot you parked in. 

Q: Where can I find the MyJTA app to receive discounts? 

A: The MyJTA app is available for free for smart mobile devices using iOS (for iPhone) and Android.  

Q: Can I still purchase tickets at the Gameday Xpress parking lot?

A: Yes. Exact change only please. Discounts for Gameday Xpress are only available through the MyJTA app (see above). 

Q: How early does service begin and when does it end?

A: Service for Jaguars games begins two hours before kickoff (so 11 a.m. for a 1 p.m. kickoff).

The shuttles run for one hour after games end. For college games, the service begins three hours before kickoff and runs one hour after games end. 

We offer continuous service for customers using the Convention Center lot only. 

Q: Are all lots open for the NFL preseason games?

A: No. Only the Convention Center, Kings Avenue and Southside (JTB and Philips Highway) lots are open for preseason games.