Where to Purchase

Pick up your STAR Card now! Go to Rosa Parks Transit Station - STAR Card Office, open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Senior and Reduced Fare
photos are available from 8 a.m. to 5. pm.

STAR Cards and Tickets are now available at Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) for purchase and reloading at these additional locations (NO staff will be on-site). Visit locations at:

  • Regency Transit Hub
  • Gateway Transit Hub
  • Hemming Plaza Station
  • Central Station
  • Kings Ave Station
  • Convention Center Station
  • Pearl/Water Street bus stop

NOTE: TVMs DO NOT accept American Express cards or Visa Gift Cards. The transactions will show as unsuccessful and a hold will be placed on the funds.

Other Purchase Locations

STAR Cards and Tickets are available through our JTA Pass Partners

  • Winn-Dixie – STAR Cards, for purchase and reload (1-, 3-, 7- and 31-day passes and cash value up to $80)
  • Walgreens – Silver STAR Tickets (1- and 3-day)

Additional STAR Information

Don't Carry Cash. Carry the STAR Card with the Cash Value Option! Customers may now add up to $80 Cash Value to their STAR Cards. Use the cash to pay for your single ride or to pay for those who are accompanying you. This functionality adds further convenience to our customers, especially to the infrequent riders who may not be riding daily and thus having cash on their card will come in handy.

Pass Partner locations, JTA’s efare website, and Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) offer $10, $15, $20 and $50 cash value increments. Customers can utilize any combination of the cash value increments, but may not exceed $80 value on their STAR card. JTA Administrative Offices and Rosa Parks Transit Station location offers any cash value amounts for customers wanting to reload their STAR card. All registered and initialized STAR cards can be reloaded via the efare website.

Senior Passengers

Am I required to get a STAR card?

The STAR card is your new senior ID. JTA will only accept a valid Senior ID STAR card for customers over 65 years old. All Customers over 65 without a valid Senior ID STAR card must pay the base cash fare of $1.50.

What documentation is required to obtain a Senior Fare Card?

Please bring with you a governmental issued picture ID showing your valid date of birth. Passengers 65 years of age and older ride free with a valid ID STAR card.

Reduced Fare Passengers

Am I required to get a STAR card?

The STAR card is your new ID. All passengers that are eligible for a reduce fare, must present a valid ID STAR upon boarding.

What documentation is required to obtain a Reduced Fare Card?

  • A Recipient of Social Security Disability or Social Security Income - Current award letter
  • A Disabled Veteran - Current Letter on VA letterhead stating at least a 50% disability
  • Disabled - A JTA reduced fare application completed by a doctor and statement of disability on physician letterhead.
  • A Medicare recipient - Medicare card (Red, White, and Blue paper card)

Where do I go to have my picture taken for a Reduced or Senior STAR card?

Locations are set up at:
Rosa Parks Transit Hub or JTA Myrtle Campus Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Armsdale Park and Ride location is open from 6am to 9am Monday through Friday.  Offices are not open on Federal holidays.

Can I use my Senior and Reduced Card at TVM or Winn Dixie Location?

You can reload your card at the Ticket Vending Machines or Winn Dixie but cannot buy a new one there.   If your card is expired, please bring your old ID STAR card to Rosa L. Parks Hub, Armsdale Park and Ride, or JTA Myrtle Campus Building 2 locations to recertify.

STAR Card Replacement Fee

  • First Replacement: $2
  • Second Replacement: $10
  • Third Replacement: $10

STAR in Spanish

Download PDF (Español)

STAR Card Registration

Register your STAR Card. In order to have your value replaced on your lost or stolen card, that card MUST be registered. Cards must be registered at least 48 hours prior to a claim.

Watch STAR Videos

Two Types of STAR Media

Extended-Use STAR Cards

Durable plastic, credit card-sized media which contain a microchip that electronically stores data. The data is read and re-encoded when the smart card is tapped at a farebox. STAR Cards can be loaded or reloaded with time-based Passes (such as weekly or monthly) or cash value.

The STAR Card will capture all reduced fare programs. Seniors and other reduced-fare customers will use a STAR Card that features their photo on the back of the smart card (ID STAR Card).

Customers will be able to have their STAR card automatically reloaded every month with an automatic deduction from their bank account or credit card. This option will be available online or at Rosa Parks Transit Station. A unique web-based card registration process means if a card is lost or stolen, the remaining value will be restored on a new card issued by JTA. The card is good for three years.

Limited-Use STAR Tickets

Primarily designed for out-of-town visitors and those who use JTA less frequently. These tickets can be reloaded but are made of paper and are much less durable than the extended-use card. The limited-use STAR Tickets do not offer all the features supported by the extended-use STAR Cards.

JTA customers will be able to add money to the STAR Card or Ticket by simply accessing Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at major stations and hubs.

The user-friendly TVMs will dispense both extended-use STAR Cards and limited-use STAR Tickets and will allow customers to reload value. The TVM will accept cash (except for pennies), credit cards or debit cards for payment.

Benefits of STAR

Benefit # 1: Reduces abuse

Currently, bus operators must recognize and track 20 different types of cards and tickets. With the STAR media, they only need to recognize three. The STAR media uses high-security microchip encoding, which is virtually impossible to duplicate.

Benefit # 2: Enhances riding experience

The STAR media will make riding transit much easier and more convenient, making it a more attractive option over rising gas prices and increasing traffic situations.

Benefit # 3: Faster boarding

The STAR media will make boarding the bus much faster, as there are no magnetic strips to swipe. Passengers will tap the card and board reducing the time the bus needs to remain stopped, possibly shortening travel time.

The total cost of the base system has been fully funded by an ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) grant.

STAR Contact Information

STAR Hotline:
 (904) 632-3800
Hotline Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.