Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you when using our MyJTA app.


Q: Where can I download the MyJTA app?

A: You can download the app on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).


Q: On what devices can I use the MyJTA app?

A: You can use the MyJTA app on any mobile phone or tablet using an iOS (Apple) or Android operating system.


Q: What operating system do I need to use the MyJTA app?

A: MyJTA works on devices running iOS (8.1 and above) or Android (4.2.2 and above).


Q: How is the MyJTA app getting my current location?

A: We use the location feature built into your phone. When you first launch the MyJTA app, you'll be prompted to give permission for the app to use your current location. If you give permission, the app will use your current location to make route planning easier.


Q: Do I need internet access to purchase and activate passes?

A: Yes, internet or Wi-Fi access is required to make a purchase within the MyJTA app. After the pass is purchased, that access is no longer required. You don't need internet access to activate unused passes. 

PRO TIP: Purchase your pass before taking your trip, then activate it right before boarding. This allows for faster boarding and more on-time arrivals.


Q: Where can I use the MyJTA app?

A: You can use the app on all JTA bus services (including fixed-route and First Coast Flyer), the St. Johns River Ferry, Connexion and Connexion Plus (starting September 30).


Q: What does the clock mean?

A: This helps protect against fraud.


Q: How do I know which Pass to buy?

A: Please look at the transit schedule.


Q: Which credit cards do you accept?

A: You can use Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards.


Q: I don't have a credit card. Can I still use the MyJTA app?

A: Yes, a credit card is necessary to make a purchase using the MyJTA app. However, customers wanting to take advantage of the discount but who don't have a credit card should contact our Customer Service team at (904) 630-3100 to discuss reasonable accommodation options.


Q: I'm a Reduced Fare rider. How do I use my Reduced Fare Pass?

A: If you choose to use a Reduced Fare Pass, the display box color will be yellow. Be prepared to show the driver your app screen.


Q: Does my mobile Pass expire?

A: Yes, your pass expires and has a clear date and countdown timer on the active session screen. This indicates when the pass will expire. Once the pass expires, it moves into your Rider History.


Q: If I lose cellular service while trying to use a Pass, will the Pass still work?

A: Your Pass is stored on a virtual cloud that automatically stores all purchased Passes.

If you're logged into the MyJTA app, you will have access to your passes. 

If you are NOT logged into the MyJTA app, you will NOT be able to access your Passes without cellular service or a Wi-Fi connection.


Q: What happens if my mobile device is out of power?

A: If you're unable to show the screen on your device, we can't see your Pass. You'll have to pay your fare by another means (i.e. STAR Card, cash).


Q: What if my screen is severely cracked and unreadable?

A: If the validator can't scan your display and your Pass can't be visually validated by a JTA staff member, the Pass is considered invalid. It can't be used and you'll have to pay your fare by another means (i.e. STAR Card, cash).


Q: Can I transfer to another bus with the MyJTA app?

A: Yes, as long as the Pass is displayed as "Active." You will need to show it again when transferring on to another bus.


Q: How do I know where to transfer if there are many buses?

A: The Route Overview screen will show the number of the bus route you need to transfer to. Look for that number on bus displays to find your bus.


Q: Can I save a route?

A: Not yet. This is coming in a future update.


Q: Can I see where my bus is in real-time?

A: Not in this version of the MyJTA app, but you'll be able to in a later update.


Q: What happens if I do not get a verification code?

A: Please double-check your email, including your junk or spam folders. Your email may have been incorrectly marked as spam.




Q: How do I scan the ticket?

A: Click the ticket and you will see the ticket flip over to a QR code. Please show this to the bus driver (or toll taker, for St. Johns River Ferry riders).


Q: How do I see my profile?

A: Click the menu icon (three lines) in the lower right-hand to see a list of options. In this list, under the Transit section, choose Profile. Here, you can see your User ID and enter your personal and contact information.


Q: Are the fares transferable?

A: No, fares are not transferable.


Q: What if I want a refund for buying a Pass by mistake?

A: Please carefully look over your purchase details before submitting payment. JTA doesn't issue refunds for purchases.


Customer Service

Is your question not answered above? Please contact our Customer Service team for additional assistance.