Fares / Passes

JTA offers various options.


Visit the eCommerce website, http://ecommerce.jtafla.com, to purchase GameDay Xpress passes, Scrip tickets, Silver STAR Card and Ferry ticket books.


Visit the eSTAR website, https://star.jtafla.com/STAR/welcome.html, to buy or reload your STAR Cards online.

Mobile Ticketing

Download the MyJTA app to purchase JTA passes on a smart phone. The app is available for the following operating systems: iOS and Android. For more information visit www.myjta.com


Visit the eCommerce website, http://ecommerce.jtafla.com, to purchase Scrip tickets. This is only for Connexion Riders.


You can purchase your new STAR Card from Ticket Vending Machines at locations throughout Jacksonville. Click here to view a list of TVM locations.

The machine accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. There is a change limit of $10 and change is provided in Susan B. Anthony $1 coins.  Bus operators do not make change. Please use exact fare. Customers may also use their debit/credit card for purchases.


The Purple STAR Card is a specially programmed “smart” STAR Card for riders ages 18 years old and younger. It entitles the cardholder to purchase JTA 31-day passes for just $30 (regular price is $50). It replaces the Silver Star Ticket. To reduce fraud, the cardholder’s picture is featured on the back. For more details visit the Youth (Purple) STAR Card page.


(exact change only)

  • Regular- $1.50
  • Express Fare - $2
  • Express Reduced - $1.50
  • Community Shuttle - $1.50
  • Deviation on Community Shuttle - 50 cents
  • Ride Request - $2
  • Trolleys - $1.50
  • Reduced Fare* - $.75
  • Senior Citizen* (65 and older)- Free


(All STAR cards start the first time they are used and run for the following consecutive days. Rides are unlimited for the designated time period purchased.)

  • 31-day - $50
  • 31-day (youth or reduced fare) - $30
  • 7-day - $16
  • 3-day - $10
  • 1-day - $4
  • 1-day (reduced fare) - $1.50


The Skyway is free.


  • Riverside Night Trolley $1.50
  • Beaches Trolley $1.50

Interactive Pass Partner Map

Printable Pass Partner Map

*Persons with disabilities travel at a reduced fare upon presentation of a STAR Card (or other transit system Reduced Fare Card). Seniors age 65 and older ride free upon presentation of a STAR Card.

**Youth pass available for patrons 18 years of age and under. Photo ID may be required for proof of age. (Some routes require additional tickets or cash.) Save with pre-loaded STAR Card purchases in 1, 3, 7 or 31 day options.