Mobility Optimization through Vision and Excellence (MOVE) –  Phase One

In 2018, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Board approved the Mobility Optimization through Vision and Excellence initiative, or “MOVE.” MOVE was intended to help JTA integrate new transit technologies and mobility alternatives into its business model and become a regional mobility leader. If only leaders had known at that time how important their forward-thinking would be to position the Authority for what was to come two years later.

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Fast forward to 2020. The nation is experiencing a global pandemic that, at one point, had reduced some agencies’ ridership by as much as 95 percent. At the same time, social unrest and protests have swept through America’s cities in a way not seen since the 1960s. Unprecedented numbers of employees are working from home, restaurants and businesses are shuttered, and socioeconomic disparities are growing more acute. The JTA finds itself at an important crossroads amid this complicated landscape. While the initiative and resilience of the JTA’s leadership and staff have carried the Authority and its employees, customers and clients through these historic disruptions with remarkable success, it is necessary to pause and plan for the longer term. As the Authority embarks upon its strategic plan development process, leadership recognized the need for a roadmap to navigate the impacts of the pandemic, economic crisis and social unrest on the Authority’s overall operations and chart a path forward to an uncertain, post-COVID future. Based on industry trends and the JTA’s unique strengths, the MOVE Plan Phase One makes recommendations that consider critical elements such as sustainability, resiliency, operational turnarounds, equity, and innovation for all functional areas of the Authority.

The MOVE Plan Phase One focuses on immediate, tactical actions and provides a set of scenarios that help define where the JTA may need to pivot in response to circumstances related to COVID-19 recovery, economic recovery, and local conditions over the next 18 months. Phase One also addresses strategies to explore further in the development of the MOVE Plan Phase Two, which will be the Authority’s next five-year strategic plan.

Plan Themes

The MOVE Plan Phase One recognizes that the JTA must prioritize its core customers while seizing the opportunity to serve new roles and forge creative partnerships in Northeast Florida that will advance equity, sustainability, and technology innovation. To that end, the Plan is centered around three themes:

  • Know Your Core
    Serve the Northeast Florida community by focusing on core customers, the transit-dependent, and essential workforce who rely on transit, and on whom we all rely.
  • Build on Your Strengths
    Create new opportunities by continuing to lead the industry — using a unique position to translate past success into future innovation.
  • Collaborate for Success
    Help bring the region together by assisting and cooperating with other area agencies, engaging the private sector and sharing a vision of an equitable and sustainable future for Northeast Florida.

MOVE Plan Details

Comprehensive details about Phase One of the MOVE Plan can be found in the Executive Summary and Full Report, linked below.