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Third Annual National Transportation Week Local Poster Contest for 5th grade students


National Transportation Week Local Fifth Grade Poster Contest

Prizes, Eligibility, Rules

Teachers: Please help your students recognize the value of transportation and their contributions to the future of transportation in our country. Enclosed is a suggested list of topics for classroom discussion.




Local Contest Theme: Judges will be looking for posters with a simple, yet clear interpretation of "One Florida on the Move."

Eligibility: Contest is open to all fifth graders (2008/2009 school year) in public or private schools.



  1. Art should be completed on 8½ x 11" paper and have a stiff backing. Any materials can be used such as paint, crayons, pencils and pastels.
  2. Lettering should be easy to read.
  3. Posters with misspelled words will not be considered.
  4. In the top, left, back corner of each entry should be students full name, teachers name, school name, school address, school phone number and/or email.
  5. Entries will only be accepted from schools.
  6. One entry per fifth grade student.
  7. Artwork will not be returned.

    Prizes: The four posters best capturing the essence of "One Florida on the Move" will be awarded with a $50 gift card for the student and $25 gift card to the student’s school.

    The first prize winners will also be asked to participate in a ceremony to unveil the student’s artwork at a major event during National Transportation Week May 10 – 16, 2009. This year’s event will be at the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.


    Proud Sponsors and Supporting Agencies: North Florida TPO, The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), Reynolds, Smith & Hills (RS&H), Jacksonville Aviation Authority, Jacksonville Port Authority, Women in Transportation Society (WTS), and Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) are this year’s sponsors.







Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by Tuesday, March 31. Please mail or deliver all entries to:

NTW Poster Contest

C/O North Florida TPO

1022 Prudential Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Contact: or (904) 306-7505

If you would like a representative to visit your fifth grade class to present information about transportation, please call Endya M. Cummings, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, (904) 630-3197. There are a limited number of volunteers to present.

NTW 2009 Local Poster Contest

Suggested topics for classroom discussion

Everyday most of us depend on some form of transportation. What are some of the different ways we travel? How many of these have each student used car, bus, bike, boat, airplane, train, walk, subway, street car, taxi or others?

Signs help us understand how to navigate to our destinations. Discuss the meaning of signs (stop, yield, arrow, speed or destination) and why they are important.

Ask students to talk about people they know who work in transportation (pilot, maintenance, construction). Also, talk about how transportation affects other jobs (grocery store worker, salesman or teacher).

Trace the steps a letter takes from a student’s home to a relative in a distant town. Identify all the modes of transportation that might be used in a letter delivery.

Invite a parent or person who works in transportation to speak with the students.

Think about the future of transportation…what will it look like in 2059?

Discuss the use of computers in transportation (traffic signals, train crossing arms or air traffic control).

Discuss how transportation has changed over time and how it has affected the way society has developed.

Many of us think of transportation as the movement of people. Identify products that are carried by different modes of transportation…

By train (grain, coal, oil, autos, lumber, people)

By barge (steel, grain, sand, gravel)

By airplane (perishables, flowers, mail)

By truck (clothes, bread, computers)

Thank you and we hope you had fun with this transportation exercise!

Don’t forget National Transportation Week will be May 10-16, 2009