Press Releases

JTB/I-95 Northbound Ramp Opens August 4

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) plans to open the new JTB/I-95 northbound ramp tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. to traffic. Crews will be removing the construction cones to allow morning traffic to use the new lane. As part of the redesign, JTA added a lane of traffic on JTB between Belfort Road and the entrance ramp to I-95 giving vehicles entering JTB from Belfort Road a longer distance to merge and a dedicated lane to access I-95. Vehicles on JTB will be able to merge into the first lane to enter I-95. The right lane will be an exit-only lane to Bowden Road. With two lanes now entering I-95, instead of one, traffic congestion caused by merging will be greatly reduced.