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JTA Unveils Realistic Bus Training Simulator


Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) officials opened the new MB-2000 bus simulator at its Operations Campus with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

"We are very excited to have this simulator on campus and easily accessible for our bus operators," said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. "This is a huge benefit for veteran drivers and recent graduates. The simulator provides new operators with additional experience before getting behind the wheel of a 40 foot bus and refresher training for current operators.

The $379,241 high-tech bus-driving simulator was manufactured by FAAC Inc., considered a world leader in simulator technologies. The bus simulator will allow JTA to create vivid training environments that instructors can use to assist in producing professional drivers. The simulator takes up an entire room in the Transit Operations Building at 100 N. Myrtle Avenue.

According to FAAC Inc., transportation agencies improved their safety performance by 64% for preventable accidents and improved the washout rate for new hire operators by 35%. The training scenarios range from simple skill-building to muscle memory exercises. The key benefits include a reduction in collisions, reduction in on-board injuries and avoiding intersection conflicts.

Things like a true 315º field of vision, driver cab replication and motion seats allow students to feel when they hit a curb, turn too fast or brake too hard. They learn which knobs to turn and toggles to press, and know it will be the same in the real bus. Every aspect of FAAC’s bus simulator is designed for the most true-to-life experience possible. This real-life approach to simulator development results in an effective and efficient training process with a host of benefits to both the trainer and trainee.

"We are pleased to bring this virtual environment to our operators," said Lisa Darnall, Vice President of Transit Operations. "The simulator combines a high degree of realism with the ability to create various scenarios to enhance the knowledge and skills of our operators."