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JTA to Buy New Hybrid Buses

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) today announced that it has received a $4 million federal grant to purchase hybrid buses as a part of JTA’s ongoing fleet replacement program.

The grant is funded through the Clean Fuels Grant Program Funds, a program that supports the U. S. Department of Transportation’s environmental sustainability efforts.  JTA was the only Florida agency that received funds.

JTA can purchase an estimated eight buses to replace those that have reached or exceeded the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) definition of a useful life.  The buses will most likely be a diesel/electric combination which will reduce diesel fuel consumption, CO2 levels and noise. Typical fuel economy improves 20-30% with the hybrid vehicles. 

“The opportunity to utilize hybrid technology in our fleet is a benefit to all those in this area,” stated Michael J. Blaylock, Executive Director/CEO. “We look forward to obtaining these new vehicles and integrating them throughout the system.” 

It is estimated the new vehicles will be on the road by early 2012. They will save at least 3.5 billion BTUs per year and almost 27,000 gallons of fuel.