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JTA Revs Up Stadium Shuttle for 2008 NFL Season

JACKSONVILLE – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority will once again offer its Stadium Shuttle for fans heading to the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium to cheer on the Jaguars to a championship. Thousands of football fans use the shuttle each week to get to the game, avoiding the high cost, traffic jams and the parking hassles of finding a spot near the stadium.

The Stadium Shuttle will operate from the following five locations:

Convention Center - downtown

Kings Avenue Parking Garage – San Marco

Marbon Road/San Jose Blvd (SR13) – Mandarin

Philips Highway/J. Turner Butler – Southside

Wingate Park – Jacksonville Beach

The Stadium Shuttle operates two hours prior to kickoff and one hour after the game. JTA Connexion vans are available at Convention Center location.

Continuous shuttle service is available throughout the games from the stadium to the Convention Center lot. Kings Avenue Park-n-Ride lot users can take the Convention Center shuttle and connect to Kings Avenue via the Skyway.

The cost is $7 for the Convention Center and Kings Avenue lots and $12 for all Suburban lot locations.