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JTA Receives Autonomous Shuttle from Perrone Robotics

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Perrone Robotics delivered the WAEV GEM autonomous vehicle (AV) from its turn-key portfolio to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA). 

Previously, Perrone Robotics delivered the world’s first fully autonomous FMVSS- and ADA-compliant EV Star to JTA, first deployed at their Armsdale AV facility and subsequently operated on local public roads for testing. 

The current new AV delivery features a solar-powered EV in the form of an FMVSS-compliant Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) capable of operating of speed up to 25 mph.

The WAEV GEM platform used can hold up to six people and is frequently seen operating in the U.S. as a local micro-transit and neighborhood EV.

Perrone Robotics’ TONY AV retrofit kit is integrated with the WAEV GEM EV as a turn-key AV solution.

As the JTA fleet of autonomous vehicles grows, Perrone Robotics has worked closely with the agency’s world class team to bring advanced AV capabilities and road-worthy vehicle platforms for autonomous operations.

This is the eighth autonomous shuttle to enter the JTA's AV Test & Learn Program since 2017. 


The JTA's work with autonomous shuttles and vehicles in the Test & Learn environment is laying the foundation for the Ultimate Urban Circulator or U2C

The U2C is a comprehensive program to modernize and expand the Skyway and introduce autonomous vehicles (AVs) into JTA’s transportation system. By transforming the current Skyway, extending the reach within the urban core through the Bay Street Innovation Corridor and expanding beyond into adjacent neighborhoods, U2C supports the vision of a vibrant, revitalized and better-connected Downtown Jacksonville.  

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