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JTA Launches a New Program to Save You and Your Employer Money

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in partnership with EDENRED Commuter Benefit Solutions and Wage Works is pleased to announce the Transit Commuter Tax Benefits program. This program is designed to save commuters hundreds of pre-tax dollars and employers thousands of dollars each year.

Small, medium and large companies in any industry are eligible to participate. All employees, regardless of position are eligible to receive the benefits if their employer joins the program. The savings vary from person to person and company to company, depending on how many employees participate in their specific tax bracket.

A company selects a transit benefit partner to administer the program. Each month, the employer will deduct $50 for a JTA 31-day pass from the employee’s paycheck before taxes are calculated. The $50 value is placed on a special debit card from the transit benefit administrator that can only be used at a JTA ticket vending machine (TVM), the ticket counter at Rosa Parks Transit Station or via the JTA website to purchase a JTA STAR Card.

“We are excited to launch a program that helps employee paychecks go farther,” said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “This program lowers the amount employees pay each month in taxes and reduces the amount companies pay in payroll taxes.”

Benefits of Riding JTA Public Transit:

  • Employees can save thousands of dollars a year in gas, car payments and car maintenance expenses
  • Riding a JTA bus every day can save an employee hundreds of dollars on monthly parking fees
  • Employees can read a book, text their friends, check social media and catch up on work while riding public transit
  • Riding JTA buses reduces air pollution and is better for the environment
  • Transit tax benefits are only available through an employer. Employees should ask their Human Resources Department to contact one of JTA’s transit benefit partners to sign up for the program.

For additional information, please contact the JTA’s customer service line at (904) 630-3100; TDD (904) 630-3191 or CLICK HERE.