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JTA Honored with 2014 Innovate Award

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is the proud recipient of the 2014 Innovate award given by the Trapeze Group.  The JTA received this impressive award as a result of TransPortal, its regional scheduling project in partnership with 12 regional counties.  The JTA accepted the award at this year’s Trapeze User Conference held in Tucson, Arizona.  

“The JTA is honored to be recognized with this prestigious award” says Brad Thoburn, JTA’s VP of Long Range Planning and System Development.  “The development of this regional system is the result of the coordinated and dedicated efforts of our many regional partners with the vision to look outside of their individual agencies and focus on the needs of our customers.” 

The JTA was recognized for developing a regional transportation system within the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) framework.  Since 2006, JTA has been working with its regional partners to coordinate transportation technology as a cornerstone for the development of the TransPortal program.  TransPortal is a transportation resource to help citizens in Northeast Florida find the best transportation options to for their unique trip needs (visit for more information). 

Transportation partners in the region have long recognized the value in multi-loading passengers from different counties going to similar destinations. However, it was difficult to coordinate these trips manually. By sharing Trapeze software and databases, the coordination of trips through TransPortal is now automated and achievable. The Trapeze software will enable JTA to optimize our trips while maintaining the secure separation of our client and trip information.  

“We would also like to recognize Liz Peak, JTA’s Regional Service Coordinator, for her hard work and innovative thinking in making this project a reality,” continued Thoburn.  

JTA's Regional Scheduling Project also won the Innovator of the Year Award from the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged in August 2013.  

For additional information on the JTA’s regional transportation system, please visit or contact Liz Peak at