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JTA Debuts New Downtown Bus Shelter

The first of 24 new Downtown bus shelters has been installed at the corner of Bay and Main streets and is now in use by JTA customers.

JTA, in partnership with the Downtown Development Review Board, designed the new shelters to reflect the character of the Downtown area, while supporting the agency’s green initiatives.

Weighing approximately 800 pounds each, the shelters, which vary in size from 2'x10' to 5'x15', are constructed of aluminum and steel with perforated metal walls. Special features of the shelters include solar lighting, mesh walls for better air circulation, trash receptacles, bike racks, benches and handicapped space, and maps of the entire JTA system. The paint used on the shelters consists of low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which minimize the negative effects on air quality. Some of the shelters also incorporate panels that can accommodate advertising. The shelters vary in cost from $10,000 to $12,000 depending on features and size.

“We want our customers to be as comfortable as possible when they are using JTA transit services. At the same time, we wanted to be mindful of the atmosphere in which the shelters will be located and the environment in general,” says JTA Executive Director/CEO Michael J. Blaylock. “By adding new shelters and relocating existing ones, we can enhance the public transportation experience for even more people.”

An additional 50 shelters will be used throughout JTA’s service area. Shelters being replaced will be refurbished and relocated to areas where advertising is prohibited, outside of downtown. The selection of bus shelter locations is based on a variety of factors including ridership, wait time, right-of-way availability, pedestrian and ADA access, safety issues, customer requests and bus operator recommendations.

The final phase of the Downtown shelter project will be the placement of 30 shelters for bus rapid transit (BRT) along the BRT alignment in Downtown scheduled for completion in late 2012.