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JTA Board Meeting Thursday


   The Board of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) will hold its regular meeting on February 25, 2010, commencing at 2 p.m., at the offices of the JTA at 100 North Myrtle Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.  As part of the regular meeting, JTA will be conducting an attorney-client session relating to on-going litigation concerning a JTA highway project.  The attorney-client session will commence at approximately 3 p.m., or as soon as the regular business of the JTA is completed, with the following persons in attendance: Ava Parker, Michael Cavendish, Donald P. Hinson, Cleve Warren, A. J. Johns, Lora B. Hollingsworth, Ed Burr, Michael J. Blaylock, David Cohen, Ronald R. Austin and Richard Millan.

Michael J. Blaylock, Executive Director
Jacksonville Transportation Authority
100 N. Myrtle Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida  32204