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JTA Board Approves Transit Transformation

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority Board of Directors approved the Route Optimization Standards and Service Changes this afternoon, a major step in transforming bus travel in Jacksonville.  

The Route Optimization Initiative (ROI) allows the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to overhaul the fixed bus route system in Jacksonville, a part of a five-year strategic plan to enhance the economic viability of greater Jacksonville.

“Board approval of ROI is the step needed to officially make changes to meet the demands of 21st Century commuters and occasional choice riders who want to get where they are going quickly, safely and efficiently,” said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr.   “Route Optimization redesigns the Authority’s bus and Community Shuttle service to make them more appealing to current and potential riders.  This is great news for Northeast Florida.”

The JTA Route Optimization Initiative (ROI) will improve the customer experience by:

•   Providing reliable, on-time service
•   Increasing bus service frequency
•   Renaming routes
•   Extending hours of operation
•   Implementing a new signage program
•   Offering Real-time passenger information
•   Creating more direct routes

The new routes, schedules and real time passenger information application (mobile app) will be launched on Monday, December 1, 2014 which is the Monday immediately following the Thanksgiving weekend.  

As part of the initiative, the JTA is adopting a simpler and easy to use naming system to align with the standards of the transit industry.  The redesign will also feature new signage and bus shelter amenity improvements. In addition, some bus stops will be eliminated and others relocated.

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