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JTA Board approves MOVE2027 Strategic Plan

JACKSONVILLE, FL — July 5, 2022 — The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Board of Directors unanimously approved the JTA’s five-year strategic plan, MOVE2027, which stands for Mobility Optimization through Vision & Excellence.

The JTA developed its new strategic plan in response to Northeast Florida’s current and future mobility needs, setting an ambitious agenda to keep the Authority at the forefront of innovation through 2027.

“In collaboration with local and regional stakeholders, the JTA has outlined a bold vision for a thriving and connected Northeast Florida, powered by seamless multimodal mobility solutions,” said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “With a growing and more connected region, historic investments in infrastructure funding, and greater demand for connectivity, the JTA is and its partners have developed a plan that will lead Jacksonville and Northeast Florida into the future.”

The JTA Board of Directors comprises seven members and is led by Chair Ari Jolly.

“The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the JTA to be more agile and collaborative, and from that challenge, new opportunities arose,” said Jolly. “MOVE2027 will guide us as we make mobility more accessible, connected and equitable for everyone.”

Collaborative Development

MOVE2027 represents Phase II of the MOVE initiative, first as Phase I in 2020. MOVE Phase I was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, steering the JTA’s response, service and staffing levels, and community support strategy.

As part of the development, the JTA convened industry experts, held conversations with leaders across the region, solicited feedback from all levels of the Authority, and surveyed the public to better understand local and national viewpoints. The result was a strategic plan that responses to local and national trends and challenges. This includes a rapidly growing region and need for greater regional connectivity, greater access to equitable mobility solutions for all, climate and resiliency needs, post-pandemic shifts in consumer travel patterns, new funding opportunities, and evolving workforce trends.

Refreshed Mission, Vision, Goals and Core Values

The MOVE2027 strategic plan presented an opportunity for the JTA to refresh its vision and mission statements, core values and goals.

Vision Statement: A thriving and connected Northeast Florida powered by seamless mobility solutions for all.

Mission Statement: To enhance Northeast Florida’s economy, environment, and quality of life for all by providing safe, reliable, innovative, sustainable, and dignified mobility solutions and facilities.

Core Values: Team Excellence, Equity, Affordability, Collaboration, and Agile Innovation.

Goals: Safety & Security, Employee Success, Customer Satisfaction, Financial Stability, Organization Efficiency & Effectiveness, Sustainability, and Transformative Mobility Solutions.

MOVE2027 Major Initiatives

The outcome of the MOVE2027 strategic plan is seven strategic initiatives comprising of business actions, projects, and programs that are grouped and aligned by key categories for achieving the JTA’s vision and goals through 2027. These initiates tie-in the JTA’s daily activities with its long-term goals. They are as follows:


An initiative to develop a stronger and more resilient organization prepared to meet any challenges ahead.


An initiative to create a more convenient, nimble and responsive transit network. Integrated mobility services provide the JTA’s customers with affordable, efficient, and equitable travel options to make complete trips.


An initiative to continue building-out multimodal services and infrastructure for a safer and more resilient region.


An initiative to improve the customer experience and make the JTA the regional integrator of mobility services in Northeast Florida.


An initiative to establish a seamless transportation network across Northeast Florida.


An initiative to further the JTA’s leadership in innovative and clean mobility solutions.


An initiative to leverage the JTA’s resources and relationships with partners to strengthen our region.


Through MOVE2027, the JTA strives to be the regional integrator of mobility solutions, enabling its customers to make seamless trips regardless of how and where they travel in Northeast Florida. This will be done through a holistic focus on the entire passenger experience, from a trip planning and payment tool; to safe and comfortable first and last mile connections; to enhanced transit service; to integration with all modes, even those not operated by the JTA.

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