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JTA Board Approves Interlocal Agreement to Fund Local Option Gas Tax Program

 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – June 26, 2014 – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority Board of Directors approved the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Jacksonville to extend the six cent gas tax until 2036. 

With the approval of the gas tax, five cents will go to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) for funding transit and roadway construction projects and one cent will be go to the City of Jacksonville for funding road maintenance and bicycle/pedestrian-oriented projects.  The approval also allows discussions to proceed with the St. Johns River Ferry Commission regarding transfer of operations and maintenance of the St. Johns River Ferry to JTA. 

“This important legislation provides a level of certainty in the future for our transportation operations,” said JTA Chair Donna L. Harper.   “The extension of the gas tax also allows us to move forward with $100 million in much-needed road improvement projects.”

The extension will enable the JTA to continue being a strong partner in the social and economic growth of our community through the implementation of reliable transportation and infrastructure projects. JTA has worked in concert with the City to identify a list of planned roadway construction projects. Most of the identified projects are those that remain unfunded from the Better Jacksonville Plan. 

“JTA’s approval of the Interlocal Agreement is great news for Jacksonville,” said Director Edward E. Burr.  “Our community is now assured that JTA can continue to deliver a level of public transportation to match the needs of our community. It will also allow us to move forward getting road projects under construction, put people to work and build some of the transportation infrastructure the community needs to attract economic development.”

A study conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation determined that every dollar invested in transportation yields $4.92 in economic benefit. 

“The local option gas tax is a great opportunity for our City and the entire Northeast Florida region,” stated Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., JTA’s CEO. “We appreciate the trust the City of Jacksonville has placed in the JTA.   We recognize the economic impact this will have on jobs and the future growth of the community.”