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JTA Announces New Bag Policy

Effective Tuesday, June 19th, passengers may bring onboard the vehicle as many items (bags) as they can personally manage.  They can also bring a personal two-wheeled, collapsible cart with them as well.  Passengers’ belongings are not to block an aisle or stairway or occupy an additional seat, as to do so would cause danger to or displace passengers.  Drivers are to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and the safety of all occupants.  Drivers are not required to assist passengers in carrying their belongings on or off the vehicle.  
See new policy below.

New Policy:
“Personal belongings are the rider’s sole responsibility.  Only those items that can be personally managed by the passenger and his or her PCA or escort will be transported.  Passengers may not bring objects on board a JTA vehicle which block an aisle or stairway, or occupy a seat if to do so would cause a danger to or displace passengers or expected passengers.  Keep in mind that this is a shared-ride service and space is limited. Grocery store carts are not permitted on vehicles, but you may bring packages on-board in a personal two-wheeled, collapsible cart.  If you are bringing a cart with you on a JTA paratransit vehicle, let the reservationists know when you request your transportation.”