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FPTA Names JTA as Outstanding System of the Year

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – December 13, 2016 – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has been recognized with another outstanding system award. The Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA) recognized the JTA with the 2016 “Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award” at their Annual Conference held December 11-14 in Jacksonville, Florida. More than 450 transportation representatives from around the state attended the conference. JTA CEO Nathaniel Ford accepted the honor during the Awards Banquet on December 12.

“This significant award is evidence of the vision and commitment of the Authority’s dedicated employees,” said JTA Board Chairman Scott L. McCaleb. “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Nat Ford and his team for being recognized by the Florida Public Transportation Association.”

JTA was judged on safety, operations, maintenance, access, customer service, financial management, sustainability, workforce development, attendance and employee costs, minority and women advancement, marketing, and community relations. JTA was also judged on quantitative measures including riders per hour and total passenger miles.

“This award is a positive reflection of all the solid work by our great staff, the leadership of our visionary Board of Directors and our remarkable customers,” said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “We are honored to receive this impressive award.”

JTA also won three awards in the 2016 Marketing Awards Competition. It received first place in the advertising collateral category for the Momentum magazine; third place in the sustaining campaigns category for the First Coast Flyer, third place in the digital media category for the website and third place in the audio visual media category for the Making Moves TV show.

FPTA is one of the most active state transit associations in the nation. FPTA is a nonprofit association whose members include every major public transit agency in Florida as well as interested citizens and businesses. FPTA’s membership is composed of 40 urban and rural transit systems, including, two (2) commuter railroads, a heavy-rail commuter system, and two people mover systems.

For additional information, please contact the JTA’s customer service line at (904) 630-3100; TDD (904) 630-3191.