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Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Released

JTA Releases Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA October 7, 2013 The Jacksonville Transportation Authority(JTA) today announced its Fiscal Year 2013-2014 (FY14) Operating and Capital Budgets.The JTA FY14 budget, which began Oct. 1, includes an operating budget of $86.8 million and acapital budget of $53.8 million.

The JTA works to ensure that all financial resources are allocated appropriately and that theAuthority operates in an efficient manner,said Henry Li, JTAs Vice President of Finance &Administration/CFO. As good stewards of taxpayer funds, the JTA completes a rigorous review of all potential initiatives and financial requests to ensure fiscal responsibility and compliance. JTA is essential for stimulating economic development in Jacksonville.

Budget Highlights
The Operating Budget includes expenses for all day-to-day activities related to the actual running of the Authority. By implementing a new fuel hedging program, fuel costs will remain flat in FY14. The JTA will also continue to offer complimentary access to its Skyway service, as well as complimentary rides to persons over 60 years of age.

The Fiscal Year 2014 Capital Budget totals $53.8 million and includes funding for specific assets, infrastructure, equipment and long-term projects.