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Service Changes will begin Monday, September 27


The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Board of Directors approved the Fall 2021 Service Changes during its August 26th Board Meeting. A Title VI analysis was conducted to determine if these service changes adversely cause a disparate impact to minority populations or disproportionate burden for low income population. It has been evaluated that these service changes do not exceed the 10 percent threshold for the adversely affected area compared to the average of the populations in the entire service area for both JTA’s Disparate Impact Policy and Disproportionate Burden Policy.

Yellow schedules are now available for customers to review on board routes that are being altered or discontinued, and at the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center at LaVilla. For questions or concerns, please reach out to JTA Customer Service at (904) 630-3100

The following changes will take effect on Monday, September 27, 2021.


New Routes

  • Route 31
  • University ReadiRide Zone
    • The new University ReadiRide Zone is proposed to cover an area previously covered by Routes 25 and 33.
    • The new zone would be accessible from the University and JTB Mobility Hubs (among other points), and it would cover an area of approximately 10 square miles.
    • View a map of the new University ReadiRide Zone
    • Learn more about ReadiRide

Modified Routes

  • Route 3 – Moncrief
    • To provide more consistent service north of 45th Street, we will discontinue the branch that currently serves the Amtrak station. This will still be served by Route 4.
    • View a map of Route 3 
  • Route 4 – Kings
    • Route 4 will be modified to serve the Amtrak station and provide a more direct route to the Soutel Transit Hub, discontinuing service on Richardson Road, New Kings Road, Gilchrist Road and Sibbald Road.
    • Areas north and west of the Soutel Transit Hub will continue to be covered by the existing Pritchard ReadiRide Zone.
    • View a map of Route 4 
  • Route 8 – Beach / Town Center
    • Route 8 will detour to service three stops on Art Museum Drive and one stop on Carmichael Avenue, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.
  • Route 14 – Edison/Normandy
    • The Route 14 will be extended west to the Normandy/Fouraker loop to cover the area previously served by Route 15, which is being discontinued.
    • View a map of Route 14 
  • Route 16 – Riverside/Wilson
    • Route 16 is being extended from the current end of line at Old Middleburg Road and 103rd Street, to the Walmart on 103rd
    • This extension will improve connections to Routes 13, 30, 31 and 53 and provide better access to the grocery store.
    • View a map of Route 16 
  • Route 25 – San Jose/Southpoint
    • To improve efficiency and provide more direct service, Route 25 will be shortened to run from the JRTC at LaVilla to the University Transit Hub along Philips Highway.
    • The new University ReadiRide Zone will cover the discontinued section of Route 25 and expand service in the general area.
    • View a map of Route 25 
  • Route 30 – Cecil/103rd
    • Route 30 will be extended west to the new Amazon facility on Waterworks Street that is preparing to open this fall.
    • The east end of the route is being extended to Walmart on 103rd Street, providing better connections to Route 13, 16, 31 and 53.
    • View a map of Route 30 
  • Route 32 – McDuff
    • Route 32 is being modified to be more direct, simplified and extended.
    • Service in the Allendale area will run on Melson Avenue, 5th Street and McDuff Avenue.
    • Service to the JRTC at LaVilla, along Stockton Street and Riverside Avenue, will be discontinued in favor of a new extension to FSCJ Kent Campus, along Post Street and Cassat Avenue.
    • Service will be extended north to the Amtrak Station to provide a new connection to Route 4.
    • Service along 45th Street was added during A.M. and P.M. peak hours on weekdays.
    • View a map of Route 32 

Discontinued Routes

  • Route 5 – Park/Blanding
    • The service area currently covered by Route 5A will be served by the new Route 31 and the new First Coast Flyer Orange Line – which features less stops, more frequent service and greater amenities.
    • The area currently served by Route 5B will be covered by the extension of Route 30.
  • Route 15 – Post/Normandy
    • Route 15 is being merged with the extension of Route 14.
    • Route 14 will be extended in the Normandy Blvd area to cover the western portion of Route 15.
    • Route 32 will be rerouted through Murray Hill to cover that portion of Route 15.
  • Route 33 – Spring Park/Art Museum Drive
    • Route 33 is being discontinued to overlap with other routes.
    • The First Coast Flyer Blue Line currently runs parallel to Route 33.
    • Route 18 covers the portion of Route 33 in downtown.
    • Route 8 covers the portion of Route 33 along Beach Boulevard.
    • The remaining portion of Route 33 will be covered by the new University ReadiRide Zone.
  • Route 84 – Philips/Gran Bay
    • Due to low ridership, Route 84 will be discontinued. The entire route is already covered by the existing Southeast ReadiRide Zone.
  • Route 85 – Highlands/Busch Drive
    • Due to low ridership, Route 85 will be discontinued. The entire route is already covered by the existing Highlands ReadiRide Zone.
    • Route 1 will still provide service to the River City Marketplace Walmart, the Highland Square Shopping Center, and Main Street near the Jacksonville Zoo.
    • Route 3 will still provide service to Sam’s Club and the Highland Square Shopping Center.
  • Route 200 – Mandarin Express
    • The Mandarin Express is being discontinued due to low ridership.
    • Route 25 will continue to provide service along the northern half of San Jose Boulevard.
    • Route 17 will continue to provide service along the southern half of San Jose Boulevard, all the way to the Marbon Park-n-Ride in Mandarin.
  • Route 205 – Beaches Express
    • The Beaches Express is being discontinued due to low ridership.
    • Route 10 will continue to provide beachfront service along 3rd Street.
    • The First Coast Flyer Red Line will continue to provide service from the Beaches to Downtown Jacksonville, along Beach Boulevard, with stops at FSCJ South Campus, Rosa Parks Transit Station and the JRTC at LaVilla.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact JTA Customer Service at (904) 630-3100.