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JTA's TryTransit Initiative

Introducing the JTA TryTransit Challenge

First, the good news. There are no buckets of ice water involved. And you will remain dry and comfortable as you ride any of JTA’s convenient modes of transportation.

The JTA is kicking off its new Try Transit initiative by launching the TryTransit Challenge. Our goal is to share and demonstrate the vital role public transit plays in Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida region

What’s your role? Rise to the Challenge. Leave your cars at home and take the bus, trolley, Flyer, Skyway or Ferry. Be sure to take a selfie and show it. Because we want you to share your experience (and your selfie) on the JTA’s Facebook Page where you’ll tag #tryjta and challenge your friends to do the same.

Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows

The JTA’s TryTransit Initiative supports the community by increasing awareness of the many benefits that public transit offers - from economic development and neighborhood revitalization, to safer roads and pedestrian-friendly streets.

The TryTransit Initiative is the face of the many projects the JTA has planned for advancing mobility in Northeast Florida - exciting improvements that include autonomous vehicles, enhanced ferry operations, advancing the First Coast Flyer BRT system and re-aligning our fixed route services to better serve 21st century commuters.

Ride If You Love Transit!

The JTA is out to increase ridership the best way it knows how. By providing a positive, efficient and fun experience with the TryTransit Challenge. Jacksonville residents can now show their support of public transportation by encouraging their colleagues, friends, and family to rise to the challenge. Take that selfie, and post a challenge to your friends. And on and on. 

Local Businesses Can Get On Board, Too

Commuters aren’t the only ones who can get in on the fun. The JTA is reaching out to unique, and popular businesses both large and small along system routes. Traffic building promotions are in the works where businesses can make the most of the win-win opportunities offered by the JTA.

Rise To The Challenge

It all starts with you. Challenge your colleagues, friends, and family. And remember, if there isn’t a photo, it didn’t happen. Post your selfie and describe your experience on the JTA Facebook Page.

Looking for some destination ideas? Call the JTA TryTransit line at 904-630-3100. Select option 7 and a friendly representative will be happy to help plan your trip. They’ll have you and your friends on the road in no time.

Stay tuned

The JTA is planning even more. To keep up be sure to come back here from time to time. Now, go out and take that challenge!


Why are we launching a ridership initiative?

We know that where Public Transportation Goes, the Community Grows! Research from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) shows that every $1 communities invest in public transit generates $4 in economic return.

Public transit reduces congestion. It is the most economical and sustainable alternative to driving as Jacksonville becomes more transit-centric.

This is a great opportunity to increase awareness about what public transit in our community has to offer:

  • The JTA has improved the system by investing in technology such as: MyJTA, NextBus, Wi-Fi, and environmentally friendly CNG buses, all with the goal of enhancing the customer experience.

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Our customers appreciate that the JTA is continuously implementing improvements to enrich their riding experience! Our annual survey reflects that the current customer satisfaction rating on the JTA’s fixed-route is 83 percent, and our connexion customers rated their overall satisfaction at 87 percent. This is a perfect time to expose more people to our system and show how it can benefit them and the community.

What are we offering?

The JTA’s TryTransit Initiative will feature numerous campaigns and strategically positioned advertisements that are designed to attract potential customers to leave their cars at home and try one of the JTA’s convenient modes of travel.

We hope to also encourage existing customers to explore and travel to additional destinations using JTA. From the Skyway to the St. Johns Rivers Ferry, the trolleys, our fixed-route buses and our new First Coast Flyer bus rapid transit service, the JTA will take you there!

When does the campaign start?

The TryTransit campaign kicks off February 15, 2017 with the Transit Challenge. JTA executive leadership, Board of Directors, Elected Officials, their peers, Authority staff, friends, family and other stakeholders in the business and political communities will challenge others to try transit in their communities to lunch, meetings, and more.

There is much in store during the next several months, including a Destination Campaign. For additional information about the Ridership Initiative visit our website at

How can citizens help?

Take the challenge! Ride the JTA, take a selfie and share your experience with colleagues, friends, and family. Challenge them to ride within 48 hours of accepting your initial challenge and share their experiences with a selfie on Facebook. Our campaign is designed to attract citizens who have never used JTA services to try transit and encourage existing customers to explore more of our beautiful city using the JTA.

Is the JTA system safe?

The safety and security of our customers is paramount to the JTA. We have given a laser like focus to enhance our safety culture by implementing policies and procedures and improving operator training which has substantially decreased preventable collisions.

In 2015, the JTA received the APTA Gold Safety Award which played a key role in JTA’s honor of receiving the 2016 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award for mid-size agencies.