Test our NEW Schedules Portal

Sample image of the new Schedules

We'd like to introduce our new and improved Schedules site! We're making it easier than ever to plan your trip. Test out all the added features today.

Catching a ride has never been easier!

We make it easy to plan your trip from any stop (or Timepoint). This will simply link you out to Google Transit with your selected stop as the "From" selection.

  1. Select a Route from the drop down of all of the routes. Or 'Find Nearby Routes' using your current location.
  2. Select a Day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Schedules and routes change depending on the day of the week so it's important that you let us know. We'll default the selected day to today, so in most cases you won't need to adjust this unless you're looking for another day's schedules.
  3. Select a Direction. Based on the selected Route, we'll limit this to either Northbound/Southboud or Eastbound/Westbound. Simple let us know which way you're headed.

Once the Route, Day, and Direction are selected, we'll be able to show you schedules! Simply click on the bottom right of the screen of scroll down to see the results.

Check out the New Schedules