TOD Pilot Grant for U2C & Downtown

TOD Grant Study Area 

TOD Pilot Grant for U2C and Downtown Jacksonville

The future of urban mobility rests within the optimization of new technology-enabled transportation systems balanced with strong place-making and economic development strategies. Jacksonville’s Ultimate Urban Circulator (U²C) project presents an opportunity to conduct comprehensive planning for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that will break new ground in this arena. The U²C will be a major transit investment within Downtown Jacksonville. The U²C project is the modernization of the existing Skyway monorail system in Jacksonville’s urban core into an innovative, autonomous, expansive circulator that incorporates emerging technologies and facilitates a more efficient, inclusive transit system. Downtown Jacksonville is already attracting new development and investment and serves as the region’s economic engine. This grant will ensure that JTA and its partners can shape this growth in a manner that anticipates the rapid changes in technology and leverages those innovations to broadly advance the following goals and outcomes with TOD implementation and the deployment of the U²C service:

  • Enhance economic development and transit ridership;
  • Facilitate multimodal connectivity and accessibility;
  • Increase non-motorized access to stations;
  • Create new interagency coordination structures for TOD Implementation;
  • Engage both public and private sector development and technology interests in planning for TOD;
  • Create equitable, mixed-income TOD; and
  • Advance shared mobility and other emergent technology-enabled transportation services to enhance the U²C system, place-making and downtown economic prosperity


The project tasks will include:

  • Project Management
  • Community Engagement and Public Involvement
  • Existing Conditions Analysis – Where are we today?
  • TOD and the Downtown Vision – Where do we want to go?
  • Implementation Mechanisms – How are we going to get there?