Regional Transportation

JTA has supported the development of a regional transportation network through the efforts of the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) and implementation of the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) Grant. The VTCLI resulted in TransPortal and various technology upgrades for our regional partners. JTA will continue to focus on enhancing regional transportation through projects like the JRTC which will connect local, regional and intercity transportation, and the development of a Regional Transit Network in coordination with the Northeast Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) and our various regional partners.

  1. The JRTC is a multimodal center that will connect the Skyway/U2C, FCF, local bus, regional and intercity bus, intercity rail and future commuter rail. It will serve as JTA’s future administrative headquarters. JTA has funding in place for the projects. Construction of the Intercity Bus Terminal is complete and Greyhound commenced service in April 2018. Construction of the Administrative Building and Bus Transfer Facility is underway.
  2. The development of a Regional Transit Network is important for economic growth and maintaining a high quality of life in a growing Northeast Florida region. JTA has supported efforts of the Northeast Florida RTC to create a regional multimodal transportation plan. Coordination of regional transit is an important element of the RTC plan. However, it is important that we move beyond simply coordinating services, we must identify, develop and enhance regional transit connections and reduce duplication of regional resources.