ADA Complaint Procedures

How to File a Complaint

Any individual who believes they have been denied the benefits of, excluded from participation in, or subject to discrimination on the grounds of their disability may file a formal complaint with JTA.

Use the links below to download the form required to file a complaint with the JTA.

The individual may file the official ADA complaint through the following means:

Information to Provide

We encourage you to provide the following information when filing your complaint:

  • Your name, address and how to contact you (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • How, why, when and where you believe you have been denied the benefits of, excluded from participation in, or subject to discrimination on the grounds of your disability were discriminated against;
  • Include the location, names and contact information of any witnesses;
  • If the alleged incident occurred on the bus, give a date, time of day, and bus number (if available);
  • You are encouraged to sign the letter if you can.

All complaints will be investigated promptly. Reasonable measures will be undertaken to preserve any information that is confidential. The Director – Diversity, Equity & Customer Advocacy Program or designee will review every complaint and begin the investigation process along with notifying JTA’s Investigation Manager. The investigation will include but not limited to:

  • Identify and review all relevant documents, practices and procedures;
  • Identify and interview persons with knowledge of the ADA violation, i.e., the person making the complaint; witnesses or anyone identified by the Complainant;
  • Anyone who may have been subject to similar activity, or anyone with relevant information.

Upon completion of the investigation, the Director – Diversity, Equity & Customer Advocacy Program or designee will complete a final report. If an ADA violation is found to exist, remedial steps as appropriate and necessary will be taken. The Complainant will be kept abreast during the investigation process. Within reasonable ability, and notwithstanding circumstances that may impede the investigator’s ability to initiate and/or complete an inquiry, investigations will be completed within (15) days of their initiation. Matters resolved via alternative dispute resolution, and which do not require a final investigation report are also considered "closed/completed" investigations. If no violation is found and the complainant disagrees with that finding and wishes to appeal the decision, he or she may contact the FTA:

File Directly with the Federal Transit Administration

Complainants may also file their initial ADA compliant directly, no later than 180 days after the date of the alleged discrimination.

For Questions or Assistance

ADA Coordinator
(904) 630-3181