Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C)

Conceptual image of the U2C running in Jacksonville

The Automated Skyway Express (Skyway) is a 2.5 mile bi-directional downtown people mover system with eight stations and a 25,000 square foot operations and maintenance facility. Today, the Skyway supports approximately 5,000 trips per day.

The Skyway vehicles have passed their mid-life and face obsolescence. In 2014/15, JTA conducted extensive research and established a Skyway Advisory Group and Skyway Subcommittee to develop a policy direction for the future of the Skyway.

On December 10, 2015, the JTA Board approved the recommendation to approve a resolution (RESOLUTION NO. 2015-30) supporting the continued operation of the Automated Skyway Express and development a plan to modernize and expand the Skyway. 

Image of current Skyway and conceptual image of U2C

Moving to the Future

In December 2016, JTA staff presented the framework for modernization and expansion that would replace the existing vehicles with next generation autonomous transit vehicles, convert the existing infrastructure and expand the system.  System expansion would include at-grade extensions to existing and planned development (see map below).  The new program will create the “Ultimate Urban Circulator” or U2C.  In February 2017, the JTA Board approved staff to enter into the development phase of the U2C.

Image thumbnail for the full U2C routes map

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