Bus Lanes

Bus lanes are found throughout the country and are instrumental in helping mass transit vehicles move more efficiently. Jacksonville's first bus lane is on Blanding Boulevard between Morse Avenue and 103rd Street. Now there are several throughout the city. Here are a few tips when traveling in the area of a bus lane.

Bus Lane Brochure

How to Use a Bus Lane

Cars should NOT travel in a bus lane.


If vehicle needs to make a right hand turn at the intersection, it may enter the bus lane, yielding to buses, just prior to the intersection. It must turn right at that intersection. Buses and emergency vehicles may travel straight through an intersection without turning. ALL other vehicles must turn.


When a vehicle is entering the roadway with a bus lane, it must be aware that the buses may travel straight through the intersection. The vehicle should enter the roadway in the travel lanes, NOT the bus lane, even though the bus lane may be closer.


When a vehicle is entering a business on a roadway with a bus lane, it will enter from the travel lane by crossing the bus lane to the business. When leaving the business, the vehicle should cross the bus lane and enter the travel lane. Be sure to yield to buses at all times when crossing the bus lane.

Why bus lanes?

As a part of JTA’s First Coast Flyer downtown enhancement project, new bus-only lanes have been added along Bay, Jefferson and Broad streets and Kings Avenue. In addition, a queue jump was placed on Forsyth Street. These infrastructure improvements will provide seamless and frequent travel for the Flyer and regular bus service. Since the concept is new to downtown, below are a few tips to assist commuters when traveling in the area.

  • The far right lane is designated for buses only during peak hours.
  • Cars must not travel in bus-only lanes during the peak hours of 6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. Monday – Friday.
  • Bus lanes can be utilized anytime by emergency vehicles, bicycles and school buses.
  • Commuters must yield to buses at all times when entering or crossing a bus lane.
  • Persons who violate the bus lanes and queue jumps vehicle code are subject to traffic citations.


A queue jump is a function that allows the bus, through a special traffic light signal, to move in front of (jump) stopped traffic to get ahead of congestion and stay on schedule.

Bus lanes are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, contact customer service. (904) 630-3100.