Transit-Oriented Development

What is Transit Oriented Development?

JTA has been playing an integral part in helping create more “Green” focused communities by partnering with community developers to plan and build more developments around existing transit infrastructures. This partnership, known as Transit Oriented Development, or TOD, results in creating compact communities where people can get around by walking, biking or taking transit to local and nearby amenities.

Centered around high quality transit systems, TOD’s make it possible to have a higher quality of life without complete dependence on a car for mobility or survival.


TOD Pilot Study – U2C – Series

This series was part of the Transit-Oriented Development Pilot Program study for the Ultimate Urban Circulator, which was completed in 2021.

Pilot Study Overview for the U2C

An overview highlighting the proposed Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) corridors being analyzed for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) potential as part of JTA's U2C TOD Pilot Study 

Readiness + Desirability Factors

As part of our Ultimate Urban Circulator Transit Oriented Development Pilot Study, the JTA looks at what readiness and desirability factors go into TOD planning.



As part of our Ultimate Urban Circulator Transit Oriented Development Pilot Study, the JTA looks at how Typologies factor into TOD planning.




TOD Talks

A series of in-depth conversations about Transit-Oriented Development with developers, transportation professionals and business leaders.

Roger Van Auker (Marketing Director: Debary)



Bob O’Maley (Transportation Professional)



Craig Ustler (Developer)


Ben Moore (RS&H)


Aundra Wallace (JAXUSA Partnership)




TOD Symposium

The LaVilla Neighborhood Plan - A recap of the LaVilla Neighborhood plan from the JTA's TOD Symposium - May 15, 2019



Making Moves Segments

Golfair Boulevard TOD: In this JTA Making Moves Feature Story, we get an update on the Transit-Oriented Development project along Golfair Boulevard and how the First Coast Flyer Green Line Bus Rapid Transit route will connect students, parents, guardians and faculty through direct access to transit.



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