January 10th Service Change

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) will update some JTA bus routes and First Coast Flyer Routes starting on Monday, January 10, 2022.

This minor service change includes the following updates:

Route 3:

  • Route 3 will be extended to service the new Amazon facility off Cold Storage Road.
    • Three trips in the morning and three trips in the evening will continue past Sam’s Club to the new Amazon facility.
    • The remaining trips will terminate at the Sam’s Club.
    • This area is also covered by the Highlands Readiride zone.

Route 4:

  • Route 4 will be extended and rerouted on select trips along Richardson Road, New Kings Road and Moncrief Road before terminating at the Soutel Transit Hub.
    • There will be three trips in the morning and three trips in the afternoon that will follow this reroute.
    • All other trips will head directly to the Soutel Transit Hub via Moncrief Road.
  • This area is also covered by the Pritchard Readiride zone.

Route 8:

  • Route 8 will have select trips service Art Museum Drive and Carmichael Avenue.
    • Two trips in the morning and two trips in the afternoon will make this deviation.
    • All other trips will continue straight on Beach Boulevard.
  • This area is also covered by the University ReadiRide zone.

Route 31:

  • Route 31 will be extended from Florida State College at Jacksonville Kent campus to the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center at LaVilla in Downtown Jacksonville.
    • Route 31 will follow the same path as the First Coast Flyer Orange Line but will have more local stops than the Orange Line. The frequency on Route 31 will be every 70 minutes.
  • Another change to the Route 31 is the extension to the Orange Park Mall.
    • In addition, the route will now service Youngerman Circle and Argyle Forest Blvd in both directions.
  • This area is also covered by the Oakleaf ReadiRide zone.
  • The last change to the Route 31 is the elimination of the portion that goes to the Walmart on 103rd
    • The 31 now will continue straight on Blanding Boulevard.
    • To ensure there is still a connection between the Route 31 and the Route 30, JTA will be extending the Route 30 to Blanding Boulevard.
    • The transfer point will be at the FCF Orange Line station at Blanding Boulevard and 103rd

Route 32:

  • The current Route 32 and Route 32L will be combined into a new Route 32 that services the Edgewood Avenue, Moncrief Road, and 45th Street loop on three select trips in the morning and three select trips in the afternoon.
  • All other trips will head directly to Amtrak.
  • This area is partially covered by the existing Northside Readiride zone.

Route 201 becomes the Clay Express Select:

  • The Route 201 will be rebranded as the Clay Express Select.
  • Similar to the already in service St. Johns and Nassau Express Select, this service offers commuters an executive style ride to the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center at LaVilla.
  • Express Select vehicles offer comfortable seating and modern day conveniences like complimentary Wi-Fi and USB charging ports.
  • The route schedule, routing and bus stops will not change from the existing Route 201.
  • The fares will be discounted to match the existing JTA express fares.
    • The discount will last until May 2022, when at that point they will re-evaluated.

Modified Talleyrand ReadiRide Zone:

  • The existing Talleyrand ReadiRide zone will be expanded to cover more of Downtown, Springfield, the Eastside and the Longbranch neighborhoods.
  • View the new Map.

New Woodstock ReadiRide Zone:

  • The new Woodstock ReadiRide zone will be created which will cover portions of the Woodstock, Allendale and Lackawanna neighborhoods.
  • The area is roughly bordered by the streels shown on the map.
  • This new zone will supplement the existing coverage from Routes 13, 14 and 32.

Additional Schedule Adjustments:

Schedule adjustments are being made to the routes listed below to improve on-time performance and reliability:

  • First Coast Flyer Red Line
  • First Coast Flyer Green Line
  • First Coast Flyer Blue Line
  • Route 3
  • Route 4
  • Route 8
  • Route 10
  • Route 13
  • Route 16
  • Route 18
  • Route 19
  • Route 21
  • Route 27
  • Route 50

For more information on these changes or to speak with a JTA Customer Service Representative, please call (904) 630-3100 or email customer-svc@jtafla.com or visit us HERE.