Emergency Evacuation Information

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is committed to helping our customers prepare for a hurricane. This guide has been prepared to help you understand what JTA services are available to you and your family in the event of a city-ordered evacuation due to a hurricane emergency. Understanding the evacuation services that will be available during an evacuation order will help you PLAN NOW for the best option for you and your family members.

If an evacuation order is issued for your neighborhood and you cannot leave the area, JTA does provide free transportation to open public shelters only. During an evacuation order and depending on where you live in Jacksonville, there are two ways to use JTA services:

Take any JTA bus marked “Evacuation Bus” on a regular JTA bus route before the announced cut off time. 

Go to any one of four specially-designated public pickup locations:

Fletcher High School
700 Seagate Avenue
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Mayport Middle School
2600 Mayport Road
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Baldwin Middle-High School
291 Mill Street, West
Baldwin, FL 32234

Jacksonville Beach Elementary
315 South Tenth Street
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

You will be transported to a transfer center where you will change buses to be transported to a public shelter.

Note: JTA must discontinue all regular and evacuation services at an announced cut-off time (determined by city emergency officials) to ensure that residents and employees are in a safe location before hurricane effects are expected. This includes bus, trolley, Community Shuttle, Skyway and Connexion services.

Please note transport and transfer during a hurricane evacuation may take several hours.

Keep in mind due to the emergency, evacuees cannot choose their shelter destination.

Private vehicles with family and friends are always the quickest and easiest alternative for evacuating.

JTA will only transport EOC designated household pets. No reptiles are allowed at shelters. Only the following household pets are allowed at shelters: dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, and small rabbits. Animals must be cared for by their owners when in pet-friendly shelters. For more information on pet-friendly shelters please contact the City of Jacksonville at (904) 630-CITY.

If there is no JTA bus service in your area during a hurricane, call

(904) 630-CITY or (904) 630-2489 to receive instructions on evacuating.

Special service will be available and staff will help you identify your options. 

Please remember, it is BEST to make plans ahead of time and stay with friends or family members out of the evacuation zone. 

Public shelters are available as a last resort for any residents. 

During an evacuation order, public shelters will be announced and opened by public emergency officials only.

City of Jacksonville

(904) 630-CITY
(904) 630-2489

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

(904) 630-3100