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U.S. Transportation Secretary Attends JTA Groundbreaking

 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – November 17, 2014
Anthony Foxx, U.S. Transportation Secretary was in attendance at a groundbreaking ceremony this morning for Phase 1 of the First Coast Flyer Bus Rapid Transit system. Additional guests at the ceremony included JTA Chair Donna Harper, JTA CEO Nathaniel Ford and Mayor Alvin Brown.


"Bringing bus rapid transit to this community will connect residents to work, education and other opportunities while making it easier than ever for residents to access downtown Jacksonville and beyond," said Secretary Foxx. "We’re proud to celebrate this milestone – but we must do more. We are committed to working with Congress to find bipartisan solutions that will help Jacksonville and other communities continue to invest in and enhance their transportation infrastructure in the years ahead."

Superior Construction was awarded the $7.2 million contract to build the first segment of the First Coast Flyer in Downtown Jacksonville. The estimated completion date for the 5.87 mile long project is December 2015. The scope of the downtown project includes construction of 12 enhanced stations with amenities, historic lighting and landscaping. The 55-mile First Coast Flyer system is made up of five corridors; North, Southeast, East, Southwest and Downtown. The entire system is expected to be completed by 2019.

"The construction of the Downtown Bus Rapid Transit Corridor is the next step in transforming public transit in Northeast Florida," said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. "This is a great moment for the JTA. We are honored that Secretary Foxx shared this historic moment with us. The Secretary’s visit reaffirms the strong commitment to transportation and the enduring partnership of JTA with the Department of Transportation."

The First Coast Flyer premium service will have limited stops and help customers save time and get where they are going a lot sooner. The buses will be equipped with a transit signal priority system that holds green lights, allowing buses to move through intersections without stopping. 

"The First Coast Flyer will give customers additional multimodal transportation choices," said JTA Chair Donna Harper. "The introduction of premium transit will enhance mobility for the growing number of residents, employees and visitors to the area."

"Bus rapid transit promises a more efficient and responsive 21st century transportation system for Jacksonville," said Mayor Alvin Brown, who serves as a vice chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Transportation and Communications Committee. "A strong economy depends on a strong transportation system. Smart investments in transportation infrastructure not only improve mobility and reduce congestion, they can also be a powerful vehicle for creating jobs, expanding opportunity and boosting our economy."