Press Releases

Update on Wonderwood 3

JACKSONVILLE -- Currently it appears that no work is taking place on the Wonderwood Three project. This is due to a process called soil consolidation which must occur before the bridge over Ginhouse Creek can be completed. In the design phase of the project it was detected through soil borings that the area where the western approach to the Ginhouse Creek bridge will be built lay on an organic silt deposit ranging in thickness from 10 to 21 feet. Unless this unsuitable subsoil is removed or consolidated, the approach slabs to the bridge and the roadway would experience long term settlement which would require costly maintenance and roadway disruptions.

In order to build the road right the first time and based on cost analysis, soil consolidation was chosen as the method to resolve this problem. This solution requires the placement of two layers of soil to be placed on the area to form a weight while the water is removed from the silt through a series of wick drains. The first layer of fill was six feet thick and was installed over the entire bridge approach area so that the soil settles in a controlled manner. As the settlement began to slow, a second layer, 5.6 feet deep was placed on top.

Time is a critical factor in this process. The first layer was applied to the area on May 27, 2008. This process could not begin until the traffic in the area was shifted from the existing road to the current pavement. Based on Settlement versus Time relationship charts, the settlement process should require 120 days, taking us to September 23, 2008.

The process is monitored twice a week and as soon as it reaches four and one half feet, we can resume construction. The entire project has a completion date of December 2008 and we are still on track to meet that date. So while it appears no work is taking place, the soil consolidation process is working right along.