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New JTA Chairman Rides System; Talks with Riders

Jacksonville Transportation Authority Board Chairman Michael Cavendish and Executive Director/CEO Michael J. Blaylock rode JTA’s transit system on Friday, February 25 and talked to riders about their experiences. 

After being elected chairman, Cavendish said that he wanted to see JTA from a passenger’s perspective and get input from riders on how to improve the system. 

Cavendish and Blaylock rode the Beaver Street Trolley, L8 Lem Turner/Ramona, N6 Sherwood and Skyway.

Following the ride-along, Cavendish had these remarks.

“The state of the bus system is good. Buses were clean and comfortable. All the riders I spoke with had good things to say about JTA. Some had all good things to say. The most frequent concern I heard was about changes in routes that do not travel as close to the rider’s origin or destination as it used to,” Cavendish told staff. “Our challenge is to improve routes to meet the needs of all constituencies.”

When asked about his most eye-opening experience, he stated, “I was encouraged by the diversity of why people use the system. Medical trips, jobs, education, cultural events or even just to see another part of town—all reasons I heard today.”

This ride-along is the first of several trips Cavendish has planned during his tenure. He also plans to visit JTA construction sites as well as ride other parts of the transit system.