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JTA Tests Real-time Passenger Information with NextBus

The modification to bus stop signs along the AR6 bus route in Arlington are the first signs that something new, exciting and helpful is coming to the Jacksonville community. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has partnered with a company called NextBus to begin testing a real-time passenger information system this Saturday, December 21. 

“We value all of our customers and understand how important their time is," said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “While we implement our On-Time Performance Campaign, we also realized a great need to provide our customers with convenient, real-time passenger information.” 

The NextBus system is being tested exclusively on the AR6 route, which services customers from the Downtown area to University Park and Regency Square Mall.  It will give AR6 customers the opportunity to track where the bus is and when it will arrive at their specific bus stop.  

NextBus uses GPS and other patented technology to predict vehicle arrival time by taking into account the actual position of the buses, intended stops, and typical traffic patterns.  The system can then estimate vehicle arrivals with a high degree of accuracy. 

“Our agency faces everyday interferences such as heavy traffic patterns and other issues that can offset our on-time performance.” said JTA VP of Transit Operations, Lisa Darnall.  "The real-time passenger information system gives our customers the opportunity to remain on schedule.” 

Customers can track their bus on their smartphones, tablets, or computers at They can also text jtafla (space) and the four digit stop ID code to 41411 to receive arrival information and subscribe to receive messages pertinent to the AR6 route.  Customers also have the option to dial 904.242.6490 to obtain the estimated time of arrival for the next AR6 bus at the specified stop. 

This service is designed to get customers and their bus to the stop at the same time. If the pilot on the AR6 route is successful, JTA intends to expand it to the rest of the system. 

For additional information on the NextBus service, please contact the JTA’s customer service line at 904.630.3100; TDD 904.630.3191.