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JTA Receives Small Starts Funding for First Coast Flyer

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has been awarded grants totaling $38.0 million from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The Small Starts Capital Investment Grants will fully fund through construction, the North and Southeast Corridors of the JTA’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) administers the Section 5309 Capital Investment Grant program, which provides capital funds for major transit investment projects.  The JTA received FY14 Grant allocations in the amount of $18,882,865 for the North Corridor and $19,101,000 for the Southeast Corridor. 

“We have had many years of successful partnering with the FTA. The JTA is honored to be awarded these funds.” said Donna Harper, JTA Board Chair.  “This grant is instrumental in supporting JTA’s goals to provide our community with enhanced transit services.”

The BRT system, branded as “First Coast Flyer”, is a premium transit service.  The service will provide 10 minute peak hour frequencies and 15 minute off-peak frequencies, branded low floor CNG buses, transit signal priority, and new shelters with real-time passenger information.

The system includes four corridors connected by a downtown project.  The downtown project includes significant portions of dedicated bus lanes and will begin construction this summer. 

Improving mobility throughout the region is a key priority for the JTA.  First Coast Flyer allows for customers to travel longer distances more quickly with fewer stops and easier transfers.  The system will be the foundation of a new route structure under development as part of our route optimization initiative.

Local Congressional Representatives who support the JTA’s First Coast Flyer were equally excited about the opportunities this new service could mean to residents in our community.

“As a senior member of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, I am pleased to see that a total of nearly $38 million in the President’s budget was awarded to the JTA to complete construction of its North and Southeast Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system Corridors.” said Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Florida’s Fifth Congressional District.  “As a community Congressional Representative, I will continue working to ensure that JTA has all the resources it needs for expanding and improving its transportation system.”  

“Effective and efficient mass transit in and around Jacksonville is in everyone’s best interest,” said Congressman Ander Crenshaw, Florida’s Fourth Congressional District. “That’s why I support Federal Transit Administration funds for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority and its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System.  As the region expands, we are helping to build a more streamlined transit system that can grow and improve with the times.”

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