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JTA Hosts Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Forum

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – Jan. 28, 2014 – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) hosted an all-day Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Forum to learn industry best practices for financing and constructing CNG facilities.  

“We believe that the entire Northeast Florida region is seeking to embrace natural gas as an alternative fuel and it just makes sense for the JTA,” said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “Fuel costs make up 10 percent of our budget. Anything we can do to reduce these costs without sacrificing our effectiveness and efficiency, is worth considering.  Converting to CNG would save the JTA about $1 million annually. In addition, conversion to CNG will give us a greener fleet by reducing emissions and particulates.” 

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The JTA is studying options to replace a significant portion of its bus fleet with CNG, prior to issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for construction of a fueling facility, maintenance modifications and financing alternatives.

CNG is a clean, sustainable, domestically produced energy source that would save the JTA millions of dollars in fuel costs over the long term.  Lower fuel costs combined with state and federal incentive programs make conversion to CNG a viable capital investment for the authority.

JTA has developed an aggressive timeline for planning and installation of CNG fueling and maintenance facilities in the next 18 months.  About 100 heavy duty buses are slated to be converted to CNG; a phase-in of 15 to 20 buses a year will begin in October 2015.

The CNG Forum highlighted JTA’s leadership role on this issue and speakers discussed the impact natural gas (both CNG and Liquefied Natural Gas) will have within the community and North Florida’s financial viability.

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For more information on the JTA’s CNG initiative, please contact Lisa Darnall, JTA Vice President of Transit Operations at 904-630-3129 or via email at