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JTA Encourages Stadium Shuttle Use for Jags Game

In lieu of the Mathews Bridge closure, Jaguars' fans heading to Sunday's game versus the Indianapolis Colts, particularly those coming from Arlington, Southside and the Beaches, are encouraged to use the JTA Stadium Shuttle Service rather than driving to the game. Fans in Arlington and Southside can park-n-ride at the JTB/Philips Highway location, while Beaches' fans should use the Wingate Little League Park location on Penman Road.

Stadium Shuttle lots in Mandarin (Marbon Road), Orange Park (Wachovia Bank on Park Ave), Kings Avenue Parking Garage  (San Marco) and the Convention Center lot will also be open. Cost for the two Downtown lots is $7. Tickets from the suburban lots cost $12.

Call 630-3100 or visit for more information.