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JTA Bus Honors African-American Transportation Innovators

The month of February has been designated nationally to observe and highlight all the contributions and accomplishments of many African-Americans.  The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) today celebrated Black History Month at the Rosa Parks Transit Station.  

“Today we honor the African-Americans who have shaped and contributed to our nation’s extraordinary transportation infrastructure  and systems; those who dared to dream and branch out to explore uncharted territories in the transportation industry,” said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “Our great nation is what it is today because of the collective accomplishments of all Americans.” 

The celebration included showcasing a JTA bus wrap commemorating the contributions of African-American inventors and pioneers in transportation. Customers were invited to view the bus and informational boards, speak with JTA representatives and enjoy refreshments.  Customers also received a commemorative item and informational collateral.   

Be on the lookout for the JTA Black History Month Bus on JTA bus routes.