Press Releases

JTA Announces “Your Voices, Our Changes” Campaign

Jacksonville, Florida – January 22, 2014 – JTA completed its annual customer satisfaction survey November of last year.  This is the third year of the survey and we thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  As a result of the survey, we are diligently working to improve the areas identified as needing additional focus.

Teams have been established to evaluate and recommend improvements in each of the following areas: on-time performance (OTTO), bus stop cleanliness, call/complaint/request handling and Rosa Parks bathroom cleanliness.

We will keep you, our customers, informed of our progress by way of the “Your Voices, Our Changes” campaign.  The campaign will consist of three phases:

Phase I           We Heard You! 
Phase II          We are making progress!
Phase III         What do you think of our changes?

You will begin to see messaging throughout the system promoting and updating our improvements. 

Thank you for your continued support of the JTA!