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JTA Announces New Chairman

Ava Parker New JTA Board Chairman

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Jacksonville Transportation Authority board member Ava L. Parker assumed the role as Chairman of the Authority at its January 2009 meeting. Ms. Parker, appointed by Mayor John Peyton, brings years of government experience to the Authority through both the Public Service Commission and the Florida Department of Transportation. "I am thrilled to be leading this board at this time. The challenges in front of us are large, but not insurmountable," stated JTA’s new Chairman Ava Parker.

Starting her new position as Chairman, Ms. Parker is confident in both the Board of Directors and the staff to make it through this tough period and continue to fuel Northeast Florida’s economy with ongoing transportation projects. Parker speaks about her confidence in her colleagues and her belief that JTA has the focus to be creative in addressing some of the pressing needs within the community during this tough economical period. "We have the perfect group [board members] to face the kind of challenges that will be in front of us for the coming year because they are visionaries, but at the same time they are practical people. They’re people who have run their own businesses, people who have worked in public agencies; they understand the need to sustain the current while planning for the future."

When newly appointed Vice Chairman Michael Cavendish was asked about JTA’s new Chairman, his response was the following, "She [Ava Parker] is someone who gives of herself and considers the public’s good first and private things second."

"The JTA has been so fortunate to have the quality leadership we’ve received from our Board of Directors. Attorney Ava Parker brings exceptional intelligence and expertise to the Chair. I’m really looking forward to the continuation of leadership that we’ve received most recently from Mr. [Cleve] Warren and now Ms. Parker," said JTA Executive Director/CEO Michael J. Blaylock.

Ms. Parker is a partner for the Law firm of Lawrence and Parker P.A. She is a Florida native and received her Bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctorate Degree of Law at the University of Florida. Parker also serves on the State of Florida Board of Governors, the Jacksonville Housing Commission, and the Cathedral Foundation of Jacksonville.

JTA chairmen are elected by the board annually and can serve up to two consecutive terms.