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Hurricane Evacuation Procedures

As part of our commitment to helping local residents prepare for a hurricane emergency, JTA makes certain services available to the public in the event of a city-ordered evacuation due to a hurricane emergency.

In the event of an evacuation, JTA must discontinue all regular and evacuation services at an announced cut-off time (determined by city emergency officials) to ensure residents and employees are in a safe location before hurricane effects are expected. These services include buses, trolleys, community shuttles, Connexion and the Skyway.

If an evacuation order is issued for your neighborhood and you cannot leave the area with family members or friends, JTA does provide free transportation to open public shelters only.

During an evacuation order, there are two ways to use JTA services, depending on where you live.

      1. Catch an evacuation bus.

      2. Go to a designated pick-up location to be transported to an open public shelter:
            • Fletcher High School, 700 Seagate Ave., Neptune Beach
            • Mayport Middle School, 2600 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach
            • Baldwin Middle/High School, 291 Mill St. W., Baldwin
            • Jax Beach Elem School, 315 S. 10th St., Jacksonville Beach

To catch an evacuation bus, take any JTA vehicle marked "Evacuation Bus" on a regular JTA route before the designated cut-off time. From there, you will be transported to a transfer center where you will change buses to be taken to an open public shelter.

Be advised transport and transfer during a hurricane evacuation may take several hours, so please be patient. Also, due to emergency procedures, evacuees using JTA public transportation cannot choose their shelter location. That said, traveling in private vehicles with family and friends is always the quickest and easiest alternative for evacuation.

Whenever possible, make plans to stay with friends or family members outside of your evacuation zone—prior to an evacuation being called.
During an evacuation order, public shelters will be announced and opened only by public emergency officials.
If there is no JTA service in your area during a hurricane emergency, call (904) 630-2489 for instructions on evacuating.

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