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Door-to-Store Program Expands to New Town

JACKSONVILLE, FL –  Jacksonville City Council members approved legislation to continue the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s (JTA) Door-to-Store program and expand the boundaries to include the New Town neighborhood.

Door-to-Store is a partnership between the JTA and the City to provide complimentary rides to grocery stores for residents living in the JTA’s Northside ReadiRide zone.

The program, which launched in February 2020, provides expanded access for residents living in what are considered food deserts, areas where access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are not as easily available within a close proximity of their homes.

The service is provided through ReadiRide, the JTA’s on-demand neighborhood shuttle service that provides short trips to customers living in 11 Jacksonville neighborhood zones. Through Door to Store, the JTA will provide complimentary rides to and from eight grocery store locations within the Northside ReadiRide zone including:

  • Making Ends Meat Market- 4220 Moncrief Road, Jacksonville, FL 32209
  • Jacksonville Farmers Market- located at 1810 W Beaver St., Jacksonville, FL 32209
  • Harveys Supermarket stores located at:
    • 2261 Edgewood Ave. West, Jacksonville, FL 32209
    • 201 West 48th, Jacksonville, FL 32208
    • 777 Market St., Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • Save-A-Lotgrocery stores located at:
    • 8000 Lem Turner Road, Jacksonville, FL 32208
    • 5751 Main St. North, Jacksonville, FL 32208
  • Winn-Dixie - Future location (opening Feb. 12) at 5210 Norwood Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32208
  • Price Rite- 3528 Moncrief Road, Jacksonville, FL 32209

Reservations can be made for pick-up and drop-off rides up to two hours in advance by selecting the Door to Store option when customers call ReadiRide at (904) 515-2458. 

Specific return and departure times need to be made at the time of the reservation in order to be eligible for the complimentary rides.