Press Releases

December 2011 Service Changes Moved to March 2012

The proposed route changes previously scheduled for December 5, 2011 have been moved back to March 5, 2012. This change is to help riders adjust more easily to the upcoming fare structure changes and STAR card usage also plannned for the December/January time period. The following routes will be under review for possible adjustment in March:

AR6 University Park-Regency
The AR6 will operate as is does today providing service between Downtown and Arlington. It will be streamlined to improve frequency along the major corridors of University Blvd, Ft Caroline, Townsend and Merrill Roads. The University Park and Wedgefield loops will be serviced by the Arlington North Community Shuttle (see below). During the weekday peak hours between 6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. the AR6 will come by every 15 minutes. The remainder of the day the AR6 frequency will be every 30 minutes.

AR21 Arlington Community Shuttle
The Arlington Community Shuttle route is being divided into two separate routes each operating with a 60 minute frequency.

  • The new AR22 Arlington North Community Shuttle will travel between Hurley Manor and Regency along Merrill and Monument Roads. It will serve the current AR6 segments at University Club Boulevard and Wedgefield Road.
  • The new AR23 Arlington South Community Shuttle will travel along Merrill, Rogero and Lone Star Roads between Hurley Manor and Regency.

SS10 St Johns Town Center

  • S1 Regency-Avenues 
  • SS6 Beach Blvd. – Town Center-UNF 
  • AR7 Atlantic-Monument

These routes will be merged to create one new route called the SS10 St Johns Town Center providing improved frequency and service.

The new SS10 St Johns Town Center will run from Rosa Parks, out Beach to Art Museum Drive to Atlantic to Regency, then along the west Southside Boulevard Frontage Road to Tinseltown and over to St. Johns Town Center.

The current S1 Regency-Avenues route segment operating between the Avenues Mall and  the St Johns Town Center is becoming the new SS25 Southside Community Shuttle and will connect with the SS10 at the St Johns Town Center.

The current AR7 Atlantic-Monument route segment between Regency Square Mall and Mayport will be served by a new route called the AR41 Regency-Mayport which has a built in connection at Regency Square.

The SS6 Beach Blvd. – Town Center-UNF route segment between Atlantic Blvd. and Beach Blvd. through Grove Park is being discontinued. Riders can travel to either Beach or Atlantic to access other routes.

The benefit of combining these routes is a consistent 30 minute frequency during normal weekday operation hours.  Other benefits include linking Atlantic Boulevard and Southside Boulevard to St. Johns Town Center and UNF with a one seat ride. 

AR41 Regency-Mayport
The new AR41 Regency-Mayport will operate similar to the AR7 route segment between Regency and the Naval Base Mayport. It will have a 60 minute frequency throughout the day along Monument Road with three trips in the morning and another three in the afternoon to the Base.

Southside Community Shuttle
The new Southside Community Shuttle will operate from the St Johns Town Center, through Deerwood, Southside Boulevard, the Avenues Mall and south along Philips Highway to the Baptist Medical Center South and Flagler Center (Citi Cards). It will connect with the new SS10 at the St Johns Town Center, with the L7 at the Avenues Mall, and with the Mandarin Community Shuttle at the Baptist Medical Center South. It will operate with a 60 minute frequency.

Mandarin Community Shuttle
The Mandarin Community Shuttle is being modified to travel along San Jose Boulevard from the Marbon Park-N-Ride, south along Old St. Augustine Road to the Baptist Medical Center South. The service along Philips Highway between Flagler Center (Citi Cards) and the Avenues Mall will be served by the new Southside Community Shuttle. The portion of the route along Sunbeam Road and along Philips Highway between Sunbeam and the Avenues Mall may be served with advanced premium curbside pickup requests. The frequency will remain at every hour.

Dinsmore Community Shuttle
The Dinsmore Community Shuttle will be modified to serve the Lem Turner Walmart beginning in December. The section of Dunn Avenue between I295 and Lem Turner will continue to be served by the CT1.