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FTA Reallocates $7.2 Million to JTA

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – July 26, 2016 – The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has reallocated $7.2 million to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) as a result of the efficient and effective project management of the First Coast Flyer™ North Corridor Bus Rapid Transit program.

The $7.2 million will be used to improve sidewalks and ADA ramps within a half mile of the First Coast Flyer™ (FCF) North Corridor stations and construct pedestrian access to the Armsdale Park-n-Ride facility. Bus and pedestrian safety will be improved by reconstructing Armsdale Road to include a curb and gutter, providing lane widths with adequate sidewalks to the Park-n-Ride facility opening this October. This location has one of the highest riderships of our FCF North Corridor service, with a high elderly population living in this area.

“We look forward to working with Mayor Curry and his administration to improve safety for pedestrians and transit accessibility on the Northside,” said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “Our goal is to enhance the quality of life, create jobs and break down the barriers of public transportation in the community.”

Recently, the JTA completed construction of the (FCF) North Corridor along Lem Turner Road. First Coast Flyer service started on December 7, 2015. The community along this corridor is targeted by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Ladders of Opportunity Initiative, and received funding from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

The North Corridor is an area that continues to need improved and enhanced infrastructure to create and connect workforce opportunities that move more people into the middle class. Even with the improvements made during the FCF North Corridor project, this roadway continues to have significant infrastructure issues with missing sidewalks and lacking ADA accessibility for pedestrian movements.

The FCF is composed of four strategically planned corridors, covering 57 miles of roadway, converging to the Downtown bus infrastructure project. When completed, it will be the largest BRT network in the southeast area of the United States. The North Corridor “Green Line” operates between Rosa Parks Transit Station and Interstate 295 along Lem Turner with stops at major destinations, including FSCJ, VA Clinic, UF Health and Gateway Town Center.

For information about riding JTA, please contact the JTA’s customer service line at 904.630.3100; TDD 904.630.3191.