Transit System Enhancements

Since the complete overhaul of the transit system with the ROI in 2014, the Authority has implemented Downtown Transit Enhancements, the Green Line and Blue Line of the FCF. JTA is focused on implementing the remaining two lines and enhancing transit access through a transit-oriented development program.

  1. The FCF BRT program consists of five distinct projects: a downtown component and four corridors connecting to downtown. The FCF service operates with new, low-floor CNG buses in both mixed-use traffic and dedicated bus lanes during peak hours. Transit Signal Priority and queue jumps provide more efficient movement of buses. Branded FCF stations include real-time passenger information and ticket vending machines. The service operates with 10-minute headways during weekday peak periods; 15-minute headways during weekday off-peak periods; and 30-minute headways on weekends.
  2. The Joint Use and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) program will generate revenue and ridership through lease or sale of real estate assets and public-private partnerships and planning efforts will support development around station areas and high-frequency transit corridors.