Skyway Modernization Program

Skyway Image


The Skyway is getting a fresh new look as we move toward a modernization plan for the system. As you may know, the system is over 25 years old and the vehicles could use a face-lift. You will begin to see the new look of the existing vehicles, reflecting JTA’s brand, gliding over the St. Johns River and above Downtown city streets. Also coming is updated Skyway station signage and other improvements. Follow us on social media and visit our website and watch as we improve your ride in the sky!  

The Automated Skyway Express (Skyway) is an automated downtown people mover. It is a 2.5 mile bi-directional system with eight stations and a 25,000 square foot operations and maintenance facility. Today, the Skyway supports approximately 5,000 trips per day.

Planning for the Skyway started in the early 1970s to address traffic congestion, air quality and Downtown parking issues. Construction of a starter line from the Prime Osborne Convention Center to Central Station began in 1987 and operations on the line began in 1989.  The current configuration of the Skyway was completed in 2000.

On December 10, 2015, the JTA Board approved the recommendation to approve a resolution (RESOLUTION NO. 2015-30) supporting the continued operation of the Automated Skyway Express and development of a Skyway Modernization Program.  The Skyway Modernization Program will include vehicle modernization and evaluation of future extensions.

JTA staff will present the strategic vision and framework for achieving that vision to the JTA Board of Directors in December 2016.