JTA Future Plans

North Corridor Study

In 2013/2014, the BRT downtown infrastructure will expand into the North corridor.

The corridor extends north from Broad Street and State Street in downtown Jacksonville along Boulevard Street to Golfair Boulevard, and then extends west along Golfair Boulevard and north along Brentwood Norwood Avenues to Lem Turner Road, ending approximately at Armsdale Road (south of I-295).

Project status: After receiving the document of the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the north corridor BRT project is in the project development phase.

The project will design and incorporate:
• Enhanced branded shelters with scheduled information
• Branded vehicles
• Intersection technologies to improve reliability
• Sidewalk and streetscape improvements

Current Activity: Design Phase:
Funding: Federal $33.5 million (80% federal,10% state,10% local)
Schedule: Design is expected to be complete in 2012
Project Manager: Robert Franques
Contact:  Winova Hart-Mayer, (904) 630-3185 or

The JTA is examining opportunities to construct a park-n-ride lot facility on the BRT north corridor route along Lem Turner (SR 115) near Interstate 295 (SR 9A).  As a part of this process, a Park-n-Ride Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) is being conducted to identify, examine and mitigate any potential environmental, social and economic impacts for this area.   

BRT North Corridor Park-n-Ride Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) June 29, 2012
The following notice acknowledges the BRT North Corridor Park and Ride lot Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Finding of No Significant (FONSI) have been approved by the FTA. 
North Corridor Park-n-Ride SEA - June 29, 2012  

Final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact May, 2011
This notice is to annouce that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) upon final review of the North Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Environmental Assessment (EA) and related documents has approved the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the BRT North Corridor.

The approval gives JTA environmental clearance to proceed into the project's preliminary engineering phase.

North Corridor Final EA Report

North Corridor FONSI 

FONSI Approval Letter

Documents: February 15, 2011 Public Hearing
Summary Report

Documents: December 13, 2010 
North Corridor Environmental Assessment- Draft EA

Documents: March 9, 2009 Public Meeting:
Summary Report

November 10 and 17, 2008 Public Meeting:
Public Meeting Report
North Corridor EA Scoping Booklet
North Maintenance Facility Public Hearing Report
North Maintenance Facility CE Report


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